A Smart Mid-Office Matters Most

Everything changes and nothing changes in insurance. It is all about connections at the right place and time, with the right people and between the right systems at the right moment in time. As an industry we readily agree that connections and trust are the backbone of insurance, even in a landscape where change is the only constant. Making connections, but where? Focus on the end customer and add more channels and cost? Focus on operational efficiency and make better connections in the back office? Yes, yes and no! It’s the mid-office where connections should be made.

We cannot wish our legacy systems away, we cannot simply upgrade it, we cannot continue to add channels that add cost without bringing in more business.



Personal &  Commercial Line Customers

Offer new ways to meet high customer expectations, create access to appropriate products and promote an effortless experience at every touch point.

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Build To Last

Agility is a game-changer. Make sure to speed up your business and create an organization that can compete in today’s and tomorrow’s demanding insurance landscape.

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Immediate Benefts

Today’s challenging insurance environment sometimes demands more of your current systems than they can deliver. But a rip-and-replace approach often means high levels of uncertainty and cost – both of which you want to avoid.

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Go Digital

The digital revolution has had a huge impact on the insurance business in just a few short years. However, many carriers are unsure of their next move in this complex and ever-evolving insurance landscape. 

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[updated]Leading Insurance Reports


As a Roving Roundcube Reporter I pass my days scanning the media on- and offline and talking to insurance influencers and analysts around the globe. Insights often come from unexpected corners: an article about electric cars will set a thought strain about autonomy in motion. When reading about online behaviour and millennials I wonder about the impact on not just our customers, but also our teams.

I am sure you get inundated with ‘food for thought’, just as I am, but I nevertheless open my own library of leading reports and downloads - respecting the copy and ownership rights - for you to browse, get insights and inspiration from.

Roundcube & Software AG

“Never do what others do better” has become the mantra in software development. At Roundcube we recognised this many years ago when we embarked on a partnership journey with Software AG, which has proven to be mutually beneficial. The BPM engine of Software AG is unparalleled and supported across thousands of industries around the world. Yet there is still an appetite to understand the specific needs and challenges of industries such as Insurance. Here is what they have to say about our Roundcube partnership:

What the analysts say

Why believe us? Yes, we put our expertise, reputation, capital and energy into a strategy and platform we believe in. Look wider and match our vision and mission with that of an industry analyst who speaks with you, your peers, our competitors and us. Here’s what Celent recommends for Platform as a Service vendors. A relevant message for us and for you:

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A Robust Architecture 

Business architecture models the mission of an enterprise. An insurance enterprise is by nature dynamic. Especially, when it wants to keep up with the changing behaviours of society, the market and its customers. Instant, open and relevant experiences have become a fact of life and need to be reflected in any architectural design.

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Customer Journey driven

A customer journey is a much (over)used promise but it circles around two core elements:  the journey is designed with the customer as the beginning and end point, not the company structure, nor accepted industry ways of working. Secondly, everyone is a ‘customer’ and should have a great and relevant user experience, whether you are a client, a broker or agent partner of an internal user.

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Technology Operations: Manage & Run

 Roundcube’s flexible, service-oriented architecture and pre-built Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) mean it can be easily integrated into any existing IT environment. Roundcube’s solutions preserve and extend legacy applications, but take away the limitations of these systems. This is a much less costly and less risky approach than ‘rip and replace’, and enables insurers to quickly make their organisations future-proof. 

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From API connectivity to a connected insurance enterprise

Exploring the difference between generic API connectivity and a connected insurance platform

Much has been said and written about the need for change in insurance IT architecture (notably our own blogs Why a 'fat' mid-office is healthy for insurers and Unconscious Underperformance) and the industry at large agrees that the need for change is now, that technology now creates the opportunity to do that in a migratory, yet fast manner and that a model based on API connectivity is the way to go. 

The Team

The core Roundcube team consists of top players in each of their field and who through their character, expertise and experience form a synergetic team working towards a shared passion: Roundcube as the leading mid-office platform for insurers with a mission.

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