Going digital is quite different from digital optimisation. Going digital is all about thinking ‘bits and bytes’.

As we live in an era where we produce more data in one year than in the whole history of mankind, we simply have no option but to go digital and let the computer compute. In a data rich, time poor society, insurance companies too must focus their human talent on human interaction and digitise as many processes as possible. This however does not mean digitising existing processes, but breaking up the data that travels with every flow in the right and relevant manner, starting with the customer journey your customers desire, if not require. Digitisation starts with rethinking customer and internal relationships and the method of delivery value to those.

This is why Roundcube offers new ways to meet high customer expectations, allowing intermediaries and agents to communicate effectively with customers and link up with co-insurers and business partners. By creating immediate access to appropriate products and services enjoying an effortless experience at every level.

Going digital also means making your life as an insurer easier, not harder. Roundcube’s configurable digital platform offers you full control over all distribution channels, product designs, business processes and business rules.

Go digital, go easy, go Roundcube.