A wide variety of subjects for this week's Round Up. From wearables, to meeting customer demands, to core systems and platforms. Our 5 best Insurance articles of this week have contributions from: Bluster, Lexis Nexis, Information Age, Insurance CIO Outlook and Accenture. 

"Wearables and insurance"


Wearables and insurance. a match made in heaven, right? It would appear so. This blog from Bluster points out the opportunities for the insurance industry to use wearable tech to its advantage. 


 "What’s Really Behind the Insurance Drive to Innovate?"

The insurance industry has accepted innovation recently and there’s a sense that things are changing. The challlenge for the insurers with all these changes, is prioritizing. How to decide on what to focus on? 

LexisNexis dives in reports by Celent to answer this question. 

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"Meeting customer demands: the insurance market needs to adapt to digital"

A subject that is close to our heart: customers and their expectations. A broad subject, especially in relation to insurance. In this article from Information Age, you can read about how the industry needs to embrace technology to develop personalised consumer experiences and more importantly, make insurance simple. 


"Innovating for the future by transforming core systems"

In this article from Insurance CIO Outlook, Stephen O'Conner, CIO at CSAA Insurance Group talks about how they took on the challenge to make insurance simple, proactive and personal by improving capabilities in three areas: products, technology and big data. 



"The future of insurance: Platforms and ecosystems"

The emerging insurance ecosystem is about selling more complex offerings, personalizing the experience and achieving a scale that isn’t possible otherwise. Ecosystems enable insurers to sell more complex offerings, personalize experiences and achieve a scale otherwise not possible. 

Accenture has identified four success factors for insurers as they consider their platform strategy:


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