We have selected the 5 articles we most enjoyed reading this week. From looking ahead to what 2018 will bring the industry to the possibilities of IoT and AI gadgets you can buy today... you will find it in our Weekly Round Up.  Contributions from Deloitte, Intechnic, Lexis Nexis, CIO Online and Techradar.

"2018 Insurance Outlook"

As insurers remain focused on growing top-line sales and boosting bottom-line profitability in a dynamic and challenging environment, emerging technologies can enable industry players to shift their strategies to more effectively and efficiently compete in a digital world.

Deloitte’s 2018 Insurance Outlook posits that, in the year ahead, insurers will be exploring new ways to effectively anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to these rapidly shifting circumstances, both strategically and operationally. They will be looking to differentiate their products, services, and distribution platforms for a digital age.



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"Common Insurance and InsurTech Website UX Problems and How to Fix Them"
In recent years, insurance agencies have been forced to adapt to changing preferences. One thing is clear – people want self-service in the insurance industry, and almost all of them begin the process with researching online. This article by Intechnic looks at some of the most common symptoms of a poor user experience on insurance and InsurTech websites, and discusses how to fix them.
"Designing Insurance Producst with Data in mind, for the Future of IoT and AI"

It’s fairly certain by now that the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are going to be game changers for insurance products of the future. We are starting to see greater thinking around opportunities for how different types of technology can be brought together to create new customer propositions.
The blogpost by Lexis Nexis comes to the conclustion that in the end there is a need to make sure that insurance processes can follow these consumers of the future across the customer journey. Based on this insurers are looking to the future in many, many new directions.  
"10 Principles of a succesful IoT Strategy"

The internet of things (IoT) presents an opportunity for enterprises to rewrite the rules of their industry. The potential upside is massive: According to research firm Gartner, there will be nearly 20 billion devices on the IoT by 2020, and IoT product and service suppliers will generate $300 billion+ in revenue.

The article on CIO Online gives us the 10 principles you should take into account when developing your IoT strategy. "They aren't all applicable to every company, but they do need to be contemplated".




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"5 Great Gadgets that are using AI that you can buy today" 

As AI is creeping its way into every aspect of our daily lives, whether it's browsing social media or chatting to a smart speaker in the corner of our living rooms, we thought we'd give you Techradar's pick of the best gadgets that are using AI. 


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