Amidst 850 decision makers in insurance from over 250 companies representing 40 countries Roundcube took centre stage at DIA 2017 as one of their core partners. 


In their very own ‘living room’ the Roundcube team was meeting with many insurance and insurtech leaders for an open dialogue on their Roundcube mid office roadmap.

With a physical print on the table, the teams could collaborate on their current infrastructure and then draw the desired situation on the overlay reflecting instantly on the opportunities the Roundcube Insurance Platform (RCIP) can offer in their infrastructure transformation.


Much of the 50 insurtech companies that presented on stage demonstrated innovation in insurance supported by technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, chatbots, IoT, connected devices and machine learning. All of these can bring change in parts of the insurance company and the customer experience, however it leaves the great question of mid office connectivity to an open channel world and an existing back office unanswered. Roundcube IP may not sound as sexy but it enjoyed great interest from business and C-level teams present from the Netherlands to China.

“Insurers around the world recognise that the foundation for transformation lies in an agile and digital engine that drives the core of the insurance business”, states Jan Bakker, CEO. “Re-engineering a core back office system is no mean task and often ends in an overrun budget and disillusionment. Moreover we no longer have to walk that line to modernise an insurance infrastructure. We can start by decoupling the back office where it restricts us and by connecting where we need it through a rich mid-office layer that is API driven. Those APIs can be internal switches as well as a gateway to the insurtech world we see here today.”

Celent-DIA.jpgTwan Hoste, Head of Product Management was equally impressed by the meetings they were having from both a business, customer experience and technology perspective. “The Celent presentation by Jamie Macgregor was most insightful and we will take his ‘Twelve Step Recovery Program for Legacy Addiction’   to our clients. With companies around the globe we discuss this topic on a daily basis as we have the healthy new lifestyle – not a diet – for them with the Roundcube IP. Together we can carve out their priorities, migration plan or the launch of a new business line.”

Roundcube’s architect Pascal Beys felt inspired by the BMW presentation about how to federate start-ups and harvest the interesting ones. “Yet another way to use the Roundcube platform for insurers: make it your incubator for insurtech innovation and then bring it deeper into the company and connect to existing infrastructure.”

More on the transformation change? Access to the roadmap or an exploratory get-together? Start the dialogue and follow our blogs – Coming up next: the cost of unconscious underperformance. 
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