This week we talk about insurtech, a subject we can't seem to get enough of. We found some interesting articles, made our pick and this week's Round Up selection includes contributions come from Brinknews, The Stack, Forbury Investment Networks, Risk&Insurance and PWC.

"Getting to ‘Win-Win’ in InsurTech Collaboration"


This article from from Sabine van der Linden, Global Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Insurtech, delivers useful tips for established firms to make their collaboration with an insurtech a succeful one. 

Read the article on Brinknews


 "UK insurtech investment up 2500% on 2016"

The increase of 2500% in insurtech investments was bolstered by some large investments. What technologies are being applied and where to find the leaders of the industry  are some of the facts in this article by The Stach



"Insurtech: The insurance industry boon or bane"

So, we know how much more is invested in insurtech, but how about the real benefits for the Insurance Industry? 

Forbury Investment Networks answers this question.


"Separating Substance From Hype"

Most of the efforts by insurtechs focusses on the 'connective tissue' of insurance: data, distribution and customer service. 

Risk & Insurance is of the opinion that there is also a lot to improve in the very heart of the insurance business: risk. 

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"Around the world in insurtech"

PWC takes us around the world. Their recent global report 'Insurance's new normal: Driving Innovation with insurtech' confirms that insurtech is driving innovation and collaboration. However, the uptake of and partnership insurtech is disparate across geographic regions. 

Read who's doing insurtech well. 


 That's it for this week. See you next week for more interesting insurance reads. In the meantime: have a great weekend.

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