Experience the Connection

Build to last means future proof agility: a combination of robustness in the core foundation and DNA coupled with an ability to adapt and change. These are the principles on which Roundcube has been founded. Both the business landscape and the technology opportunities constantly change and there is no safe ‘vendor lock-in’ option anymore.

Agility is the game changer and our business process driven mid office allows you to make changes in terms of new products, channels. A business analyst can ‘click and go’ and bring your business forward instantly.

Business architecture models the mission of an enterprise. An insurance enterprise is by nature dynamic. Especially, when it wants to keep up with the changing behaviours of society, the market and its customers. Instant, open and relevant experiences have become a fact of life and need to be reflected in any architectural design. Digitisation is an approach needed to achieve these experiences in a complex data driven environment.

Ever more complex services need to be deployed (Front Office) while core activities (Back Office) retained their original mission. Bridging the gap between front- and back-offices can no longer be achieved through an Enterprise Services Bus only, as it also requires introducing business logic to coordinate activities. In Roundcube, orchestration of services and logic plays a central role.

Roundcube consists of two major components that drive agility: the Roundcube Insurance Platform (RCIP) which fulfils the mid-office rule and the Roundcube Insurance Gateway (RCIG) which acts as a provider for exposing services and enabling two-way collaboration between the insurer and other parties. The gateway is an essential component to achieve true continuous transformation. It makes it possible to integrate applications and modules defined by the company or outside services providers and insurtechs, mostly at a lower price, with less risk and a fast CEX rich go to market.

Roundcube IP offers single and detailed customer and policy detail views and reduces underwriting costs by maximising straight-through processing. It ensures your insurance processes run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. It also empowers carriers with flexible, easy-to-adjust processes, automatic acceptance and rejection of policies based on their own rules, real-time issuance of policies, and real-time processing of data. Increased efficiency and complete customer focus help you to achieve underwriting excellence.