Why believe us? Yes, we put our expertise, reputation, capital and energy into a strategy and platform we believe in. Look wider and match our vision and mission with that of an industry analyst who speaks with you, your peers, our competitors and us. Here’s what Celent recommends for Platform as a Service vendors. A relevant message for us and for you:

Celent urges platform vendors to embrace a few principles if they want to be a transformational player in the industry, that we at Roundcube have embraced as business principles:

  • Provide short-term tactical gains throughout the entire implementation 
  • Offer an iterative implementation process with several ROI milestones: easier access to commitment and budget sign off 
  • Focus on usability (of advanced functionality) for all users and managers: usability drives productivity. 
  • Make overall implementation in various geographies faster and less expensive.
  • Document the value proposition for the various business lines: improved underwriting decisions, improved time to market or policyholder experience, reduced manual processes and cycle times.