Roundcube’s flexible, service-oriented architecture and pre-built Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) mean it can be easily integrated into any existing IT environment, no matter how complicated. Roundcube’s solutions preserve and extend legacy applications, but take away the limitations of these systems. This is a much less costly and less risky approach than ‘rip and replace’, and enables insurers to quickly make their organisations future-proof.

Roundcube  empowers carriers with flexible, easy-to-adjust processes, automatic acceptance and rejection of policies based on their own rules, real-time issuance of policies, and real-time processing of data. Increased efficiency and complete customer focus help you to achieve underwriting excellence.

Embarking on a Roundcube transformational journey means companies can capitalise on their system’s longstanding strengths, while immediately reaping the benefits of insurtech solutions in underwriting and customer supporting processes. Innovating whilst running a tight and lean ‘ship’. 

For implementing new technology is one thing; running and maintaining is quite another. Adopting new technologies and improving STP means a much lower TCO. Leaving experimental R&D  innovation to fast paced insurtech partners is another cost reduction without losing the benefit.

More cost is saved by running a realistic implementation roadmap.  Thanks to our experience in broad core transformational programs, we can implement projects very quickly and successfully. No endless projects and long waits, but a clear and realistic step-by-step plan and commitment to execution and business value.

Our consultants combine in-depth expertise with solid insurance knowledge to support you in every stage of your operation from feasibility studies, through business analysis and program management, to implementation and beyond. Post implementation our commitment stays on track: with dedicated support staff, who are happy to help you with any questions or issues you may have. In addition, we offer a range of other services, from hosting and recovery to functional and technical application management.