The core Roundcube team consists of top players in each of their field and who through their character, expertise and experience form a synergetic team working towards a shared passion: Roundcube as the leading mid-office platform for insurers with a mission. 

Max Speur - Performance driven international leader


max.jpgA seasoned business leader who successfully realised growth and change in dynamic organisations. Known for his customer focus, decisive and result oriented approach while using creativity and market insights to enable organisations to outperform the market.


Jan Bakker – Innovative and global new-tech leadership


jan-bakker.jpgWith over twelve years’ experience in delivering payment hubs around the globe,  solid business & technical knowledge Jan Bakker builds strong organisations ready for delivering challenging transformational projects in complex environments. As a seasoned top exec sparring partner he is equally comfortable with the CEO as well as a CTO in large financial services firms. Being a people person with a mission, he builds teams that follow him on this mission.


Koen van Kooperen – Economic value & healthy finance


koen.jpgAny ambitious company in the financial technology segment needs tight and wise financial management. Running this project next to existing core business is a skill Koen excelled in since his early days at Exact in the early 2000’s. Koen offers the financial management information needed to develop and grow at a pace that ensure healthy governance and ensures that we can maintain our product road map R&D in years to come.



Luigi van Geest – Lasting client and partner relationships

VP Sales & Marketing

luigi.jpgExperienced in providing commercial leadership in a technology companies, Luigi now leads the commercial team that manages both the direct as well as indirect sales. A born networker, he recognizes opportunities at an early stage and works with the company in a partnership approach to close mutually beneficial strategic projects around the globe.



Twan Hoste – In-depth industry knowledge

Head of Product Management

twan.jpgAs the product roadmap ‘owner’ of the company, Twan deploys his 25 years senior management experience within the insurance industry to ensure that customers get a ‘fit to market’ solution. He engages early on with customers – from the business as well as the operational side -  through the pre-sales process, workshops and through to close and delivery, whilst ensuring industry standard requirements and enhancements are part of the core platform.


Geert-Jan Fürst - Delivery is meeting promised made

Head of Operations

geert-jan.jpgA hands-on young veteran with seven years’ experience in managing and delivering new built and integration projects in complex international environments. With Dutch forthrightness and an open mind Geert-Jan connects with the customer and his teams, whilst safeguarding the Roundcube products and services line. Once built and delivered he manages full circle: professional services and customer support services are also under his control.


Pascal Beys – Experienced in architecture for complex environments

Chief Architect

pascal.jpgPascal eats and breathes business architecture and has done so for the last 15 years since designed and applied payment hubs to customer requirements that transformed the way leading banks process payments. He now turns these skills – under the direct leadership of Jan Bakker to defining a new way of working for leading insurance firms by designing Roundcube Insurance Platform and the Roundcube Insurance Gateway with his teams in the Netherlands, in partnership with Software AG and offshore.